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Counos Lodge is a Canvey Island based Lodge founded in 1966. It meets on five Thursdays a year: the 2nd in February, the 1st in April (Installation), the 1st in September, the 4th in October, and the 1st in December. It practices Emulation ritual.

If you have an interest in joining Freemasonry and have a Canvey Island connection then please contact the Secretary to find out more. You might be surprised how many people you already know!

The Lodge Secretary can be contacted at Contact David




For more information please contact our secretary David Sales by e-mail: sec.counos@gmail.com

Lodge History

Counos Lodge was consecrated on the 13th of December 1966 at Freemasons’ Hall in Woodgrange Drive, Southend-on-Sea. The Lodge was sponsored by its Mother Lodge, St. Katharines No 5376 another Canvey Island Lodge. Counos is approaching its 50th Anniversary in 2016.

The Lodge meets on Thursdays. This was because that among its founding members there was a strong representation of Canvey businessmen and shop keepers. Thursdays were ‘early closing’ for shops on Canvey in the 1960s and thus, it was decided that this would make an ideal day for Lodge meetings. Nowadays few members are shop keepers, but we still meet on Thursdays.

The name Counos is derived from Ptolemy. Claudius Ptolemy was a Greco-Roman writer who lived around AD 90 to about AD 168. One of his main works was the Geographia which was a compilation of the world’s geography at that time. In this work he identified an island at the mouth of the Thames he called Counos. It is still disputed what island he referred to, but for a long time it was associated with Canvey Island. The Founders decided that this would be an appropriate name for the new Lodge.

The Lodge’s crest shows the Dutch Cottage on Canvey Island which was built in 1618. It was built for a Dutch worker who under the Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden drained and embanked Canvey Island in the 17th Century. The cottage is unusual as it is octagonal.

The Lodge met from 1966 to 1973 at the Admiral Jellicoe Hotel on Canvey Island. It then moved to Freemasons’ Hall in Wood Grange Drive in Southend, where it remained until moving to Saxon Hall in Aviation Way, Southend in 2006.

The Lodge was and has remained a friendly and approachable Lodge for members and visitors. It has always maintained an attitude of allowing every member to achieve what he wants and is capable of in Masonry. The Past Masters always fully support the Officers of the Lodge by fulfilling any role that is required thus allowing members to progress at their own pace, ability and time availability. If you are interested in joining or visiting then please contact the Secretary David Sales at sec.counos@gmail.com


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