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We meet at Southend Masonic Temple, on the second Friday of January, March, May, September and November. The Lodge of Instruction (LoI) also meet at Saxon Hall, on Tuesday evenings from September to May. We have never been a large lodge, with current membership of circa 20 brethren; however, it is not very often that a LoI is cancelled.

For although we do have fun, we also think that the Universal workings are beautiful and try hard to get the work right. The Lodge is made up of self employed people, small business people, IT workers, Taxi drivers, Police Officers, Building Trades and many other walks of life. We have never been what one might call a wealthy Lodge, but we do have something special, we have always been regarded as a family lodge, which in the past included several sets of father and sons, nephews, cousins and son-in-laws.

Today we are a founding Lodge of the new Southend Masonic Temple where hopefully freemasonry in Southend will flourish. Even though we have a steady turnover of brethren in the Lodge offices, it is good that the standards are being upheld and that the Lodge shall go from strength to strength. We are equally sure that some of the younger members of the Lodge will still be here when Hamlet Court Lodge celebrates its Centenary in 2045.



For more information please contact our secretary Keith Bullen by e-mail: bjklegalservices@gmail.com

Hamlet Court Crest

Lodge History

At the end of World War 2, Arthur Hobart a Dagenham mason moved to Westcliff. He enlisted the help of five well known local masons to assist in the formation of a new Lodge, and applied to Grand Lodge. The application was granted and Priory Lodge No 1000 was kind enough to sponsor us.

The Lodge was consecrated on 8th February 1945 at Freemasons Hall in Queens Street London. The Lodge derived its name from a charming old house that stood on the Queens Hotel, Westcliff site during the 19th Century and the residents all seemed to be either playwrights, poets, editors or authors. One was Robert Buchanan who wrote a book called “Andromeda” on historical and interesting places in the Southend & District area.

In this book he mentioned the house that he lived in “The Hamlet Court” and included a print of the house which enabled one of our founders to copy and that now forms the badge of our Lodge. The lodge was also most grateful to St Margaret’s Lodge No 5168 who assisted in many ways and as a mark of appreciation the Masters of Priory and St Margaret’s have always been our guests at our Installation Meeting.

As usual any questions relating to the Lodge should be directed through the Secretary of the Lodge; he is Keith Bullen and can be contacted via e-mail on Contact Keith.


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