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The Old Westcliffian Lodge is only open to former members of the School. To know more please contact Greg Bermon or Frank James

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Lodge History

The Old Westcliffian Lodge No. 5456

Meeting Dates:

  • 3rd Friday in October @ Saxon Hall, Aviation Way
  • 1st Friday in December @ Saxon Hall, Aviation Way
  • 1st Friday in February @ Saxon Hall, Aviation Way
  • 3rd Friday in March @ Saxon Hall, Aviation Way
  • 4th Saturday in July @ Westcliff High School For Boys

Well renowned for being the ‘Premier Old Boys Lodge’ of Southend, The Old Westcliffian Lodge is one of the few ‘closed’ old boy lodges, who still require members to be either ex pupils or masters of The Westcliff High School For Boys.  This school bond further enhances the spirit of our meetings, where Masonic discussions are usually underpinned by the commonality of our education, leading to many amusing tales of classrooms pranks and teachers we all loved to hate.

The members of our lodge comprise of a surprisingly diverse age range and it is not the stereotypical grey hair, beards and baldness that people may expect.  Whilst we do have our share of eclectic old timers, there is a healthy representation of brethren who are experiencing a middle aged spread, coupled with brethren such as myself who exude youthfulness and vibrancy (even if this is combined with baldness, a beard and grey hair!).

Our lodge meetings are held on Thursdays (2 meetings a year), Fridays (2 meetings a year) and one Saturday meeting, which usually start between 4pm and 5pm.   This guarantees you at least 5 evenings off a year, where the wife or girlfriend is forgotten, instead making way for good company, good wine and good food.   All of our meetings apart from our summer meeting take place at Saxon Hall on Aviation Way, the home of Southend Freemasons.

To ensure we are able to deliver work of the highest order, the ‘officers’ of the lodge meet weekly throughout the year on Thursday evenings to practice our work in ‘Lodge of Instruction’ (LOI).  I use the word ‘practice’ very loosely as LOI usually involves as much banter and enjoyment as there is serious work taking place.  For me this is part of what makes masonry so special; seeing brethren regularly, getting to know them as brothers and friends, whilst also having a decent excuse for a night out and a beer mid week.

 Whilst we work very hard to ensure that our meetings are successful I’m sure that many of us secretly look forward to the social aspect of masonry equally to our work in the lodge.  Our meals after our meetings, known as festive boards, are well known for free flowing wine and a lively atmosphere, none more so than our annual meeting held at Westcliff High School.  It is truly a pleasure to hold our meetings in the school hall, remembering years ago being there for very different reasons.  In recent years we have also held barbeques, days trips to France and quiz nights to further add to our social calendar, all of which have been well supported and enjoyed by all.

People often ask me why I joined Freemasonry and what I get from being a Mason.  At the very heart of every Freemason belongs charity, a belief in god and good will to all, characteristics that I believe make me a better person.  Often in today’s society we are so busy with our day to day lives that we forget the bigger picture and what makes us who we are. Being a member of the Old Westcliffian Lodge reminds me never to ignore the inclinations of my heart and ensures that my moral compass is always true.  I hope that these qualities are also ones that you hold dear and would encourage you to contact me or any other Old Westcliffian should you want to learn more about joining the lodge. 

W.Bro Greg Bermon   


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