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Priory Lodge 1000 was consecrated in 1865 and on October the 15th 2015 held a meeting to celebrate its 150th year in existence.

If you are perusing this Website it must mean that you have some interest in Freemasonry or that you are already a Freemason and are curious about other Lodges? To read more click the history button below.



For further information please contact the secretary Dudley Naslund by email: dudley.naslund@talktalk.net

Lodge History

First and foremost Freemasonry is not a secret society. However, we do not deny that we are society with secrets. Although anyone can, by research through libraries etc., find out quite a lot about these so called secrets! Why bother? Join us and be told about those secrets and the involvement in good works and charity that Freemasonry is renowned for.

Also we are not the elite high society or organisation that the media would have you believe. Among our ranks we have members from all walks of life. Here are some of the professions among the members of Priory Lodge No.1000.


Retired Trinity House employee


Retired Grocer

Retired Shop owner


Window Manufacturer



Retired Electricians

Roofing Contractor



Bus Driver


Plumbing engineer

Insulation installer


Carpet Installer

Retired metal Panellist



Bank employees


Police Constable


How much does Masonry cost?

Priory Lodge 1000 at the moment has an annual fee of £285, which includes 6 meetings with a 3 course meal at the Festive Board, which are held after each meeting, or a non-dining fee of £145.

Charity, you can donate as much or as little as you wish or can afford. Nobody questions your support or non support of charity. Other fees such as joining fees etc., can be found by enquiry to the Lodge secretary.

Two essentials are required before joining a Lodge.
1.You must not have a criminal record
2.You must believe in a Supreme Being.

N.b. We do not enquire about any religion that you may have.

Still interested in joining our Lodge? Contact the Priory Lodge Secretary, Dudley Naslund via email on

No obligation to join. No Pressure put on you to join.


Priory Lodge 1000 celebrations for it’s 150th anniversary

On October the 15th 2015 Priory Lodge No.1000 achieved an important milestone in celebrating its 150th year in existence.

The Provincial Grand Master and his executive accepted our invitation and honoured us with their presence at this meeting. Our guest speaker was Lt Col Mark Smith, curator of the Royal Artillery museum, who delivered his much acclaimed talk on the Victoria Cross entitled ‘For Valour’

This is something that you may have heard before but on this occasion it was different, as it included the exploits of one of Priory Lodge’s members, who earned the Victoria Cross during the 1st world war.

Bro. David Nelson was Initiated into Priory Lodge 1000 on December 14th 1916; Passed on January 18th 1917 and Raised on February 15th 1917. Bro. David’s name does not appear in any subsequent minutes, so it must be assumed that he was posted back to France, hence, his rapid progression through the degrees.

Major David Nelson VC (3 April 1886 – 8 April 1918) was an Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross. He was born at Deraghland, Stranooden, County Monaghan, Ireland and at 28 years of age was a Sergeant in 'L' Battery, Royal Artillery (RHA), British Army during World War I when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.

On 1 September 1914 at Néry, France, Sergeant Nelson helped to bring the guns into action - with an officer (Edward Kinder Bradbury) and a warrant officer (George Thomas Dorrell) - under heavy fire and in spite of being severely wounded. He remained with the guns until all the ammunition was expended, although he had been ordered to retire to cover.

Nelson later achieved the rank of Major but was killed in action at Lillers, France, on 8 April 1918.

His Victoria Cross is displayed at the Imperial War Museum, London, England.

The 150th committee planned this celebration for over a year and it was a fitting tribute to a much loved and distinguished Lodge and to Freemasonry in general.




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