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We meet 6 times per year for our formal Lodge Meetings on the 1st Saturday in October, November, December (Olde English Night), February (Installation), March and April. We also have a separate White Table in May and a Ladies Festival in the autumn, both of which are open to non-Masons and their families.

From September until April, we meet every Friday for our Lodge of Instruction, where members learn the various pieces of ritual that we carry out at the formal meetings.

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For further information please contact the secretary David Jones by email: david.jones385@btinternet.com

Lodge History

The Warrant was issued 20-12-1926 and Prittlewell Lodge was consecrated in the Grand Temple, Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street by Lord Lambourne, on Thursday 3 February 1927. It was to meet at the Masonic Hall, High Street, Southend.

At the first regular meeting 9 Candidates were proposed for Initiation and up to 1939 there were 73 Initiates and 12 Joining members. It was the normal practice for all three degrees to be conducted at each meeting with two Candidates for each degree. In February 1928, in addition to the Installation, there was the Dedication of the Lodge Banner and a Raising ceremony. The Installation meeting in 1929 also included an Initiation plus the presentation and dedication of items of Lodge furniture; it was not until December 1931 that the Lodge settled down to a pattern of working only one or two degrees at each meeting.

In 1930 two representatives attended meetings regarding a proposed Masonic Temple at Southend but the Lodge felt unable to support the scheme.

The Prittlewell Royal Arch Chapter was consecrated on 21 September 1932.

In March 1936, following a letter from the Provincial Secretary regarding the building of the proposed Temple in Southend, the WM explained the position and instructed the Lodge Secretary to write to the Province “that we, as a Lodge, prepared at the moment to support present formation”.

A Lodge of Instruction was formed in 1937.

With the exception of the October 1939 and the October and November 1940 meetings, the Lodge did not miss a meeting during the War though attendances varied considerably. Sometimes fewer than 30 were present but meetings averaged about 50 to 60 and at the Installation meeting in February 1945 there was an attendance of 110 with 58 visitors; 41 Lodges were represented.

The Lodge continued to meet during the War Years although not without some difficulties. The meetings were held in the Masonic Hall in the High Street but it was not always possible to have a Festive Board. For a period this was overcome with the help of a great friend of the Lodge (although not a member) who supplied soup, fish and chips and apple pie which were served with the Stewards acting as waiters.

The members who were Masters during the War years could not, of course, hold a Ladies Festival but they were not deprived of the pleasure as, in place of the usual Supper Dance in the years following the war, the opportunity was taken to hold a second Ladies' Night with the war time Masters presiding.

On Monday 14 May 1945 a Service of Thanksgiving was held at St. Mary's Church Prittlewell, by the Freemasons of Southend-On-Sea and its surrounding districts on the conclusion of the War in Europe. It was attended by the WM, Officers and Brethren together with representatives of Provincial Grand Lodge and many representatives of the 30 Lodges meeting in Southend.

After the war the Lodge gradually resumed normality with members returned from the Forces. Attendances started rise and the Lodge settled down to a period of rebuilding and steady growth. At the Installation meeting of 1946 there was an attendance of 132 whilst at meeting in February 1947 there were 159 present.

At the meeting held at the Castle Hotel, Southend-On-Sea, on 6 October 1945 the Secretary read a special dispensation for the Lodge to remain there for the ensuing 12 months.

In November 1949 the Lodge supported formation of Tudor Lodge.

The Lodge committee recommended that the April meeting should become a non-dining meeting and that in December it should revert to full dining as this would be the last meeting of the WM each year.

Thus the way was made clear not only for the social evening after the April meeting but also for the Olde English Night in December. The first reference to this is the note on the Summons for 6 December 1952 Olde English Fare 7.15 pm. (Morons Centre House). There was also a printed menu very similar to that in use today, including references to “fine Virginia Shag in Churchwardens”, the Prittlewell Glee Club and to printed song sheets.

Originally the Lodge was to be named Prittlewell St. Mary's but with other Lodges in Essex bearing a similar name, the Founders were reluctantly compelled to drop St. Mary's from the title. The members however, always felt a close attachment to St. Mary's and therefore it was fitting that they attended a service there on the date of their Anniversary on Sunday 3 February 1952.

In October 1957 the Lodge moved to the Temple at Southend. The Lodge banner was dedicated in 1964.



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