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Southchurch Hall Lodge No. 8005 meets on the Second Monday in January and September and the First Monday in April and November. We always welcome new members and for further information please contact our secretary Ashley Hitchcock by e-mail. To know more about the Lodge please click the history button below.



For more information please contact our secretary Ashley Hitchcock by e-mail: ashley-h@virginmedia.com

Southchurch Hall Lodge

Lodge History

Southchurch Hall Lodge: A Brief History

Southchurch Hall Lodge No. 8005 was consecrated on the 30th April 1965 at The Southend Masonic Centre, Woodgrange Drive, Southend on Sea, Essex.

The Lodge is a direct descendant of Priory Lodge No.1000, St. Andrews Lodge No.1817 and St. Philip Lodge No.4221, the latter being the Founding Lodge.

The Lodge took its name from a locality within the boundaries of the named Lodges, which was usually the tradition from previous centuries.

On the foreshore of Southchurch, the local cultivation of oysters developed.  The industry soon became a prosperous trade, which eventually brought into being the village of Southend.

Historians will tell you that more than 1100 years ago, Lifstan a Saxon then gave what became the Parish of Southchurch, nearly 2000 acres of land to the Monks of Christ-Church Canterbury. 

The remains of the first human being known to have inhabited the area between the Thames and the Crouch were found in the Parish of Southchurch.

Also at the time of the Consecration, Southchurch Hall the Manor House, was probably the oldest inhabited house in Essex.

When the Founders petitioned for a new Lodge, the members of Southchurch Hall stated that they wanted something a little different.  They wanted to get away from the usual type of Lodge meeting. 

In addition to the degree work, the members wanted to carry out research and lectures.  The aim was to try and amass some history of Masonry in Southend and indeed in Essex, as well as Masonry generally.

Many talks and lectures were given by several brethren over many years and in particular by W.Bro. Albert Bacon, who was to be the first ever Initiate into the Lodge at the first regular meeting.

From this work developed a new society group, which became known as The Southchurch Masonic Study Circle.  This society is still very active today.

The first WM of Southchurch Hall Lodge should have been W.Bro. George Oakley, who was a well known and loved brother amongst the Founders.  Sadly he passed away before the Consecration and was replaced by W.Bro. Joe Newbury-Smith.

From the list of original Founders of the Lodge, W.Bro. Fred West did not to see its first regular meeting after the Consecration.  He sadly passed away a few weeks after it.








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