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Southend-on-Sea Lodge No. 6484 meets the 1st Wednesday in January, March, May, September & November. To see Lodge history please press the button below.



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Lodge History


Soon after the end of the Second World War a number of local Masons formed a School of Progress, which met on Sunday mornings at the Railway Hotel, Southend.  The first Preceptors were supported by other distinguished Masons who inevitably soon felt a desire to form themselves into a Lodge.

It was their wish that this should be a Lodge with its own very special character; having just passed through one of the most turbulent  periods in the history of mankind, when so many had laid down their lives in the cause of freedom and the brotherhood of man, it was felt singularly appropriate to form a Lodge in which Brethren of different religious persuasions could work and relax in perfect harmony, and become a permanent example of all that the Craft stands for.  To this end  the petitioners decided that, as far as possible, entrants would be accepted on the basis of one Jewish Brother and one Christian Brother, and that the various Offices would be similarly shared, a policy which has been maintained to the present day.

Southend-On-Sea Lodge No. 6484, sponsored by St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1817, was consecrated on 10 September 1947 at Freemasons’ Hall, London, by the RW. Grand Master,  RW. Bro. K Kincaid-Smith.  The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Sir Frederic Senier, installed the Master Designate and W.Bro. the Revd R Stafford Morris was the Consecrating Chaplain.

160 Brethren, including the Consecrating Officers, 17 Founders and 128 visitors attended the banquet in the Connaught Rooms.

In September 1948 the Lodge moved to Southend Masonic Hall, and in May the first Banner was dedicated in a special ceremony by the Provincial Grand Chaplain.

Following the Dedication of the Temple in Woodgrange Drive in May 1957, the Lodge held its first meeting there in September.

The Lodge celebrated its 21st anniversary in September 1967.

In March 1974 members of the Bromley and West Kent Masonic Circle presented “Lodge Night 1759” – a demonstration of Masonic practices of 200 years ago.

On 29 June 1977 the Southend-On-Sea Lodge of Instruction, formed in 1947, celebrated its 1000th meeting in the main Temple with a Special meeting at which full Masonic clothing was worn and the Ladies afterwards joined the Brethren for Dinner.

On 3 September 1980 W.Bro. Dennis Baum was Installed by W.Bro. Michael Franks at a meeting attended by the APGM, W.Bro. GY Jerman.  During the ceremony the Senior Warden’s chair was occupied by W.Bro. Derek Baum and the Junior Warden’s chair by W.Bro. Leonard Baum.  The minutes recorded the Secretary as saying that “the situation of grandfather, father and son occupying three principal chairs, representing three separate generations, each of whom had occupied the WM’s chair in this Lodge, was unique to our Lodge and could only have had very few precedences in the history of Freemasonry, and such a moving ceremony of the traditional secrets being handed down from grandfather to father to son in open Lodge, was unlikely to be witnessed again by any of those present”.

The original Banner having become no longer serviceable, a new Banner was dedicated in May 1984 by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, and by its side is now proudly displayed an honoured roll of all the Past Masters.

The Lodge records with pride that two of its Brethren were honoured by appointment to the rank of APGM.  Three achieved outstanding accolades – in the Craft, by becoming Worshipful Master of Essex Masters’ Lodge– and in the Royal Arch, together with a fourth, First Principal of Essex First Principals’ Chapter.  A record surely unique for any Lodge.

A detailed Lodge history was produced for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1997.    


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