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Tabula Rotunda Lodge 8607

Serving South East Essex - one of the 5 Round Table Lodges in the Masonic Province of Essex



Meeting dates :

3rd Monday of September - Installation meeting
4th Mondays of November, February and April.

Meets at: Saxon Hall, Aviation Way, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6UN

Lodge of Instruction : Fortnightly on Wednesday evenings - 8.00 to 10.00 p.m. 


Emulation Working
Members : 37 active, 4 Honorary

Secretary : W.Bro. Frank James ~ email: Contact Frank

L.o.I. Secretary : W.Bro. Des Murphy ~ email: Contact Des

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For more information please contact our secretary Frank James by e-mail: f.james441@btinternet.com

Lodge History

Round Table Masonic Lodges

Have you ever thought why Round Tablers and 41ers join Freemasonry? The answer is that the three organisations have so much in common in trying to promote goodwill amongst men of all races, colours and creeds.

With such common intent it is no wonder that there are some 41 (not just a coincidence but an odd fact) Round Table Lodges in England where ex Round Tablers enjoy Masonry with the additional fellowship of having been in Round Table (and 41 Club) together. Indeed at least two known RTBI National Presidents are are currently Freemasons.

So what is Freemasonry and why does it appeal to Round Tablers you may ask?

The three main aims are similar to those of Round Table, they are –

Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. •

Brotherly Love Is fellowship with fellow members and promoted by meetings, discussions, lectures and other activities. Most Lodges have four or five formal meetings a year with informal meetings often monthly. As with Round Table, social activities such as Ladies' nights, Cluster meetings and Barbeques happen throughout the year. And visiting other Lodges is encouraged just as much as Table visiting.

Relief This is what Masons call helping others. Many believe that Masons only look after their own but this is not true.

The Freemasons Grand Charity, to which all Masons contribute through their capitation payments, gives some £3+ millions a year to non Masonic causes such as Hospices, RNLI and other National Charities. Individual Lodges in the good old Round Table ways give monies to local needy charities in the geographical areas within which they are located.

  • Truth - Masonry is a non political, non religious organization.
  • All people who believe in a Superior Being may join and there is no upper age limit.
  • Trust is implicit in all our activities and this increases our friendships and fellowship with each other.

If you would like to extend your knowledge or even join there will no doubt be a member of your Round Table or 41 Club who is a Mason who would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. You may even know a Rotarian in the same situation, after all, Rotary was the forerunner of Round Table and 41 Club. 


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