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How to join a Lodge and become a Freemason

How to get involved

If you want to be a Freemason in Essex and you live or work in the County and believe that Freemasonry could be for you and you wish to get involved, then please contact us below and someone will get back to you. 

Other pages on this site have all the information you need to be a Freemason. You might also be interested in this link - UGLE Freemasonry youtube

Most Lodges meet four to six times a year and always meet on the same day of the week so if Monday is a good day for you then please look at those Lodges, if it is another day, the same applies.


The first step towards being a member and being part of freemasonry in Essex would be to contact the secretary of a chosen Lodge and they will encourage you to get to know other members, possibly at social events or other occasions. It will give you an opportunity to see if that Lodge is right for you, but if you simply want to know more about becoming a member then just complete the Contact Us box below.

Contact Us

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