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Sowing the Seeds of a
Romanian Supreme Grand Chapter Part 4...


The on-going saga of 'Sowing the Seeds' of a Romanian Supreme Grand Chapter continues at Saxon Hall Masonic centre with the two Essex Chapters, Albert Lucking No. C2717 & Epping Forest No. C4263.

Leading the Festive Board (left 3) Epping Forest Principals with Albert Lucking (AL) 1st Prinicipal - the AL 2nd & 3rd principals were unable to dine as they were leaving on an earlier flight.

To recap, both Chapters with falling memberships and on the verge of handing in their warrants, agreed to be part of the Provincial project of helping to create a Romanian Supreme Grand Chapter. Initially working in the Province using Emergency and Regular meetings and then in time these chapters will transition - along with their history – to Romania, where they will operate under our Province and when ready, will become the Founders of the Romanian Supreme Grand Chapter.

Since May 2023, three 2-day joint meetings have already taken place which included the exaltation of 42 Romanian companions (21 to each Chapter).

The initiative is now well past the half way point to when the Chapters' will uproot and move to Romania.

The meetings over the 22nd and 23rd May 2024 (Epping Forest held the first day and the Albert Lucking the second) were breaking new grounds with three Romanian companions being installed in the three principal chairs of both Chapters.


Epping Forest Principals - Nicola Iancu : Andrei Motoc : Lucian Galosi  

Albert Lucking Principals - Costel Butnariu : Gabriel Gaiu : Ioan Apetrei

If this was not enough a further six exaltations were carried out for Epping Forest and five for the Albert Lucking.

All the Exaltees with the Albert Lucking 1st Principal

The Essex Royal Arch Support and Presentation Team, led by Jim Wolfe again both deserve praise for the splendid way they carried out the ceremonies especially the installations of the principals as this was considered a 'one off' and possibly not performed before.

Overseen by John Hubbard, the Third Provincial Grand Principal, said, "That this was history in the making and all those playing a part should be justly proud."

The Thursday meeting was also honoured with the presence of David Robert-Jones from Supreme Grand Chapter who was equally impressed with the ceremonies, complimenting all who took part and closed by saying he looked forward to seeing the project to its final stages once everything was in place.


End of the first day with Epping Forest six Exaltee's sitting


End of the second day with - in the front row centre - the five Albert Lucking Exaltees

For those taking part in all the ceremonies it was a tiring 2-days commencing at 1pm and concluding at 6pm and with the festive board taking place during Thursday extended the day until 9.30pm. No matter everyone agreed, it was all very rewarding and preparations were already in-hand for the next meeting.


Details on the earlier meetings can be found on the Albert Lucking Lodge website 

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